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18 Year Old Boy Julian Rios Cantu Designs a Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer

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A teenage boy in Mexico has created a bra that detects breast cancer. But just how does it work?

At 18 years of age, Julian Rios Cantu claims that a bra he designed will give a heads up to women who are in the early stages of breast cancer. The “Eva bra”, invented alongside his three friends, is just a prototype, but the four have come up with enough funds to start tests. This comes after they were crowned winners at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. Higia Technologies, their company, emerged top among entrepreneurs from all over the globe and received a $20,000 cash reward to build on their idea.

How will this cancer-detecting bra function?
Cancerous tumors tend to alter the skin’s temperature as a result of increased blood flow. The logic behind this invention is that biosensors will track the temperatures, and then log the data in an app to inform a user of any worrying developments. Women will need to wear this bra for 60-90 minutes a week before they can receive accurate results.

While being interviewed last year, Julian stated that having the biosensors inside the bra would imply that the breasts remained in one position every time measurements were recorded.

Will the cancer-detecting bra truly work?
It still early days! The bra hasn’t fully been tested, not to mention that it requires medical trials before professionals in cancer research can prescribe it as a reliable method of detecting cancer.

While talking to the BBC, Anna Perman from Cancer Research UK acknowledged that tumors usually have an unusual system of blood vessels; however, she also warned that increasing blood flow may not necessarily be a reliable pointer of cancer. She further went on to say that there is no present proof to back the bra as a trusted way of detecting tumors. It’s also not wise for women to utilize technology that is yet to be tested in high-quality scientific trials. However, she was encouraged that young people like Julian are enthusiastic about science and developing ideas that could assist in the diagnosis of cancer. A crucial part of science, she said, is rigorous testing which ensures that inventions like Julian’s are beneficial to patients.

How do you test for breast cancer?
Know your body! The early stages of breast cancer will have symptoms like:
• Lumps around the chest or armpits
• Chest pains
• Fluid discharge from the nipple (not milk)
• Changes in shape, feel, or size of the breast
Always consult a physician immediately if you find something alarming.

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According to Ms. Perman, realizing that you have breast cancer during its initial stages might just be what you need to beat the disease. She advises that you get to know what is normal and what is abnormal about your body. Anything unusual should prompt you to see a general practitioner.

Why Julian invented the Eva bra when Julian was 13, he nearly lost his mother to breast cancer due to late detection. A certain doctor assured her mother that the lumps discovered on her weren’t malignant but six months later, follow-up mammography revealed that the doctor was wrong. This resulted in a double mastectomy.

Julian decided to research the disease and the existing diagnostic practices, after which he developed the idea, applied for a patent, and assembled some pals to help with his company. This is how he went on to design the bra, which he hopes to start selling by the end of next year.

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