Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Did You Know: Police Arrest 99-Year-Old Woman So To Cross It Off Her Bucket List

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A 99-year-old woman was arrested and placed in a cell to check off one of her bucket list dreams. Annie was escorted into the prison in Nijmegen Zuid, which lies 75 miles south east of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, in order to complete one of her last wishes. The elderly lady, whose surname has not been published, can be seen locked in handcuffs and grinning with delight. The idea about after Annie’s niece came into the station to report a crime.

Peter Smit, a lieutenant at the police station, told The Independent she was in the cell just for a couple of minutes, adding: "She wanted to be in a police cell because of her bucket list. "In her life she never committed any crime, and thought it would be exciting to experience. As you can see in the picture from our post, she found it hilarious to be in the inside with the handcuffs."

The station’s Facebook post has scooped up more than 4,400 ‘likes’. One commented: “Happiest prisoner in the world” and another: “You are no one until you go to jail. Great job Annie.” A station spokesman added: “We don’t usually do this, but we made an exception. “It was just a couple of minutes in the cell. It was all about the experience. We don’t know why it was on her bucket list.”


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