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Did You Know: There is a Hornet the size of your thumb (Giant Asian Hornet)

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Giant Asian hornets may seem like something from a B-rated movie, but they’re real — and they’re right here in Illinois. Also called Yak killer hornets, these flying nightmares are the largest known hornets in the world, and their sting can be fatal. The aggressive predators have terrorized people in France and Britain and decimated honeybee populations. In Illinois, a notable live giant hornet spotting occurred in July of 2012 just west of St. Viator High School, and pest control experts believe that the insects’ local population will grow. Here are a few facts about this extremely dangerous and alarmingly large hornet from our expert exterminators.

What Are Giant Asian Hornets?

It’s not difficult to identify a giant Asian hornet by appearance. They may grow to about 2.2 inches in length, which is the size of an average adult thumb. Adult hornets have orange or yellow heads, large eyes and yellow, orange brown or black bands on their bodies. They can fly at speeds up to 25 mph and may travel up to 60 miles in a single day. Giant hornets are ruthless predators that kill bees, wasps, mantises and other large insects. To kill honey bees, they scout out hives and mark them with pheromones. They then return to their nests to recruit about 30 other hornets to return and attack the hive’s inhabitants.

An army of giant hornets can wipe out 30,000 bees in three hours. Worldwide shipping and climate change are believed to be responsible for the spread of Asian hornets throughout the world. Keep Your Distance! In addition to bees and other bugs, giant Asian hornets are known to kill people. Scores of deaths in China are attributed to giant hornet attacks. The venom carried by these insects destroys red blood cells. It can cause kidney failure and death. Severe allergic reactions with cardiac arrest and respiratory distress are also common. According to those who have experienced a sting from an Asian giant hornet, the pain is horrific and lasts for many hours.

Professional Pest Control Is the Only Safe Solution

If you discover a live insect that you believe to be a giant Asian hornet, call a pest control professional immediately. Do not approach a giant hornet nest or disturb the insect in any way. Dangerous pests are best handled by experienced professionals wearing protective gear. The highly trained exterminators at Anderson Pest Solutions can protect your Illinois home and garden from giant Asian hornets and other dangerous insects with methods that are kinder to the environment. Visit us online to learn more.

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