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Teen (Tanner Wilson) saves 2 years to buy classmate (Brandon Qualls) electric wheelchair

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A pair of high school pals from Norman, Arkansas is demonstrating to the world the amazing power of friendship and its potential to change lives. The story of Brando Qualls and Tanner Wilson has made national headlines and moved hearts across social media circles in equal measure, thanks to Tanner’s noble act of selflessness.

Brandon, who’s confined to a wheelchair, has been depending on a hand-push model to move around. Unfortunately, the chair was continually becoming burdensome for Brandon since he has to push it down the halls as he moved from one to class the other in his Caddo Hills High School.

Amazingly, Tanner used all of his earnings from two years of working part-time to surprise his friend with a new electric wheelchair last month, Tanner’s mother, Colleen Carmack revealed this to CNN.

Brandon was clearly shocked to receive the present from Tanner in front of classmates, stating that his face blew up when he saw them coming in. He could not contain his tears after witnessing his friend’s unbelievable gesture. Brandon went on to say that it had been a dream to own an electric wheelchair and that his dream had finally come true.

The tight bond between Brandon and Tanner is clearly portrayed by the fist bump they share as they walk along the halls in their school. However, Tanner went above and beyond the call of friendship to get his buddy this gift. He intimated that the wheelchair was simply a favor he was doing for a very good friend who has always had his back.
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Tanner’s mother stated to CNN that her son had been moved by the immense media attention and that he reads the messages of support from online users with a smile on his face. She wasn’t at all surprised by her son’s gesture because that is exactly the person he is. Carman revealed that her son always had the tendency to prioritize other people before himself.

Carmack continued that her son had gone through a streak of bad experiences that previous year and that being in a position to make a difference in someone’s life really sparked and motivated him to want to go out and do more. He’s now talking about college, a goal he’s always had! Carman couldn’t hide her pride for both Brandon and Tanner, who have had a long lasting friendship. She further said that her wish for Brandon is to have a car that can move his newly acquired wheels around since his parents don’t have a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible. He can only use his wheelchair at school.

Ginger Wray, Brandon’s teacher, divulged to KTHV her own input into the good deed in which she customized the chair with orange flames on the fenders and emblazoned his last name “Qualls” on the back. Teacher Kathy Baker also told that this act was not a first for Tanner stating that he is a remarkable lad who loves to do it for others.

Tanner’s simple wish is that people start caring more for others and not only think about themselves. According to Brandon’s views on News9, his self act is awesome and will have lasting benefits. He also said that he's still working his way around the new wheels, hitting a few doors here and there; although it is all worth it!

Tanner’s gift to Brandon has also had his classmates talking. People keep on asking him if it was worth it. His answer?...A simple “Yeah” and “100%”.

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