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Your cremated ashes can now be converted into a vinyl record

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There is a company that is turning the cremated remains of your loved ones into a vinyl record. This is the creation of a company going by the name Vinyl, which takes the resulting ash after the cremation and presses it into a record. The company charges interested parties a fee that starts at £3,000, which converts to around $4,315. The package features a 12-minute audio on either side of the record that you can choose to incorporate the final words of the deceased, any fond memories you have of them, licensed music, or even the sound of ashes popping and cracking…you basically include any audio that pays homage to the departed.

After this, the company will customize the vinyl record by asking you to choose from a variety of configurations that pleases you. Jackets may feature portraits by Paul Insect or James Hague, and come with important information such as the day the deceased was born, the date of his death, as well as vinyl stickers. Furthermore, the company will be glad to sneak in additional pre-licensed loops or personalized for an extra fee.

Vinyl has been providing this convenient service to people who have lost their loved ones for a couple of years now. They deal with people, people parts, and even pets, depending on who or what has been cremated. The company couldn’t have chosen a more relevant time to bring this exciting product, especially when you consider that there has been a remarkable increase in vinyl sales lately. Music enthusiasts in both the US and UK have been grappling with the nostalgia revival of this classic gem from back in the day.

The company, which is based in the UK, has found a light approach to mark a melancholic moment, but you can rest assured that it understands the seriousness of the process and underscores it throughout. If we look at death as the last song playing in the album of life, then the least you can do as a loved one is to continue playing the departed’s songs for a lifetime. This is the thinking of Vinyl. They are offering people an opportunity to remember and cherish the memories of the deceased by pressing their ashes into a vinyl recording.

The person looking to buy can be someone nearing their own demise. Family members or close friends surviving the deceased have the chance to witness the pressing of the ashes. These are sprinkled into the plate creation before being pressed into shape. Vinyl will even go a step further to coordinate the funeral proceedings for an extra 10,000 pounds ($14,400) if the family wishes so.

This ingenious concept is the brainchild of Jason Leach, the founder of EDM group and label, “Subhead”, which was started way back in the 0s. Ever since, John Leach has been responsible for launching a slew of other ventures, including the “Death to Vinyl” service. Leach came up with the idea of Vinyl from his personal experiences with the cremation of his close relatives and his family's past experience in funeral services.

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