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DYK: About the Door To The Underworld, Arminius, Steinway & Sons, Merlin, and Lime Juice

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#1. The Romans had a sacrificial "door to the underworld" in modern day Turkey where animals would appear to mystically drop dead. The eunuch priests that brought them there were left unscathed because they stood above the lethal cloud of carbon dioxide gas.

#2. Arminius, a Germanic child slave in Rome, who joined the Roman army to be free, eventually rose to knighthood, and when sent by Rome to Germania to conquer the tribes, instead secretly united the Germans under his own leadership and gave Rome its biggest defeat.

#3. During World War II, Steinway & Sons airdropped pianos with large parachutes and complete tuning instructions into the battle for the American troops. Called the Victory Vertical or G.I. Steinways, the pianos were to provide a bit of relaxation. The pianos came in olive, blue, and gray drab.

#4. In one 13th-century version of the King Arthur myth, Merlin is the spawn of a demon and a mortal woman and was intended by Satan to be the Antichrist, but was baptized by a priest shortly after birth which nullified Satan's plan, and now uses his demonic powers of magic and prophecy for good.

#5. Lime juice on skin, when exposed to sunlight, can cause a poison ivy type rash called phytophotodermatitis. It is common for bartenders making margaritas but can also be a problem for basic skincare products like deodorants and lotions that use real lime.

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