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Ines Ramirez Perez Performed Her Own Cesarean Section and Survived

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Home alone with nobody around except for her children; Ines Ramirez Perez had to do the impossible to rescue the life of her unborn baby. This was the 8th child that Ines was carrying and she had a strong feeling that it wasn’t going to be an easy labor. The 40 year-old mom who lives in a remote village in the south of Mexico had by this time already mothered six surviving children. Unfortunately, the last one was lost as a result of an obstructed delivery. This time around, Ines knew she would suffer another loss is she didn’t act fast after 12 excruciating hours of labor.

It was the 5th day of March in 2000, and the closest medical facility was more than 50 miles away. Her husband, who had acted as the midwife in all her previous births, happened to be at a nearby cantina but neither Perez nor her husband had access to a phone. The only way the baby was going to survive, she reckoned, was if she performed the delivery on her own. Speaking to reporters after the incident, she intimated that she was willing to die if that was going to be her child's fate. But if he lived, she too was going to live and see the baby grow up.

Ines took several pints of hard liquor to numb the pain then seized a knife with a six-inch blade. Despite the fact that she had no medical expertise, her experience in butchering animals is what she used to operate on herself. Instead of the usual horizontal cut that physicians make along the bikini line, Ines chose to go with three vertical cuts next to her belly button.

Doctors would later reveal that this particular technique prevented her from puncturing any of her vitals. After almost one hour of a grueling operation, Ines was finally successful in pulling the baby out of her womb. The baby started breathing instantly, and Ines used a pair of scissors to chop off the umbilical cord before losing consciousness.

Once she came to, Ines wrapped her abdomen with a sweater and directed her six year-old child Benito to look for help in town. He returned home with Leon Cruz, a local health aide who sewed Ines’s wounds up with a regular needle and thread. Perez was able to transport her newborn to a medical facility eight hours away. She named the baby Orlando! Doctors at the hospital managed to patch her up completely, and this was 16 hours after the birth of her child.

The obstetrics department was amazed by Ines’s self-administered cesarean. She suffered no internal bleeding or sepsis, and her uterus looked exactly like it would have been in an ordinary delivery. The doctors would later go on to publish Ines’s case study in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, with a view of creating more awareness on the plight of women, such as Ines, in remote locations with no ready access to adequate medical aid. The published study also recognized Ines as the only woman to carry out a cesarean section on herself where the mother and baby both survived.

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