Monday, December 2, 2019

Russian Cows are wearing Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to produce more milk

From: Bill M.
Sent: January 3, 2019
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Subject: Fw: Russian Cows are wearing Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to produce more milk


Thanks, Bill. I wonder if in the future we'll see cows playing war games out in the fields? ~Den

Excerpt: "VR Is Now Being Used To Relax Cows. A farm in Moscow is testing the effects of using virtual reality on cows to make them feel calm and produce more milk. Virtual Reality (or VR for short) allows users to experience video games or a new virtual world from a first-person perspective, thus making them believe that they are actually there. Not only can the experience create a huge sense of immersion, but the concept of Virtual Reality itself can make one believe like they are part of a much more exciting world – a world of fantasy, mystique, and perhaps even intrigue. However, Virtual Reality can be much more than that, especially when serving a non-entertainment purpose."


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