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5 Did You Know Facts About The King Cobra

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Number 1
Did you know that King Cobras are the only snake that builds a nest for its young? The female stays with the eggs and the male stays nearby. Cobras eat a diet of mostly snakes including other King Cobras and some develop a rigid diet of a single species of snake and will refuse any other type.

Number 2
Did you know a Nepali man was bitten by a King Cobra? He then killed the snake by repeatedly biting it in return when he realized that a snake had bitten him he grabbed the Cobra and bit it to death he has now been discharged from the hospital where he was being treated for the snake bite.

Number 3
Did you know that a King Cobra can grow up to 18 feet long stand up to 6 feet tall and has enough Neurotoxin in a single bite to kill 20 people or an Elephant.

Number 4
Did you know that 29 year old Indonesian pop star Irma Bule died during a performance after being bitten by a King Cobra snake that was part of the show? Buell was singing at a party when she accidentally stepped on a Cobra that hadn't been de-fanged. A nearby Handler removed the snake from the stage and tried to administer antivenom to Buell but she refused and continued to perform around 45 minutes. Later she started to vomit and have seizures, she was taken to the hospital and was later pronounced dead.

And number 5
Did you know that the King Cobra is technically not a Cobra? It doesn't belong to the Niya Genus, it's called the King Cobra because it kills and eats other Cobras.

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