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How You (And Your Dog) Can Avoid Snake Bites

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"Stay on the trail.

The No. 1 rule when hiking in snake territory is to stay on the trail. "You want to be able to see your feet, see where you're stepping," Morocco says. "Don't get into the high brush on the side of the trail, because that's where the snakes are going to be and they're going to be harder to see."

And if you're rock climbing, watch where you put your hands. You don't want to grab a snake by mistake and surprise it.

Keep the dog on a leash.

Like humans, dogs are more likely to get bitten when they go off the trail, so it's best to keep your pup on a leash. And in addition to signing your dog up for a snake avoidance class, there are snake vaccines available for dogs, so check with your vet."


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