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Story Behind The Picture: An injured bull elephant asks for help

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Excerpt: "An injured bull elephant surprised guests and workers at a safari in Zimbabwe when he appeared to approach them for help, and then waited for five hours until a vet arrived. The huge animal – which has since been named Ben – was dehydrated and limping badly, and photographs show him looking inside a building, possibly for assistance. On closer inspection, workers from the Bumi Hills Foundation found the animal had two bullet holes through his left ear and a septic wound on his shoulder, believed to be the result of a failed poaching attempt.

The bullet holes in Ben’s ears were found to be old, but the wound in his shoulder was in need of urgent attention. Unfortunately, the foundation’s conservation manager was away, so they arranged for a vet, Dr Richard Hoare, to fly from Harare to administer much-needed treatment to the animal. The vet, along with the team at the foundation, tranquilized the animal and cleaned out the wound. They also added a VHF tracking device to the animal so they can follow its progress."

Watch video for full story.

Source: www.independent.co.uk

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