Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Horrifying Video Shows Python Strangling Deer. Don't worry deer survives.

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A spine-chilling video that is being widely circulated and debated online shows a huge python strangling a deer. Filmed in Thailand on Friday, the video shows the predator and prey lying on the side of a road in an open zoo in the country. The clip has gone viral for its surprising ending and sparked a debate around human interference.

The 24-second video was shared on Twitter by the assistant director of Dusit Zoo, who said that it was filmed at Thailand's Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Footage recorded from a car shows the huge python coiling itself around the deer - a common tactic used by the snakes to squeeze their prey to death. In this instance, however, timely interference from a person standing off-camera saves the deer's life.

The video shows a person using a long branch to repeatedly poke the python until it slithers away, leaving the deer free and scrambling for safety.


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