Wednesday, June 24, 2020

In The News: Swimmer Catches Shark Off Delaware Coast with Bare Hands

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Sent: June 24, 2020
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Subject: Fw: Swimmer Catches Shark Off Delaware Coast with Bare Hands


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A swimmer in Delaware clearly thinks Chuck Norris has got nothin' on him, because he tried subduing a shark with his bare hands ... apparently all for what could have easily been a fatal photo op. The scene unfolded over the weekend at Henlopen State Park Beach. You see the swimmer dragging the shark in shallow water, and then, as people on the shore stand in shock, the swimmer opens the foreboding mouth of the shark. It's pretty clear ... the mouth trick was for the cameras. Unclear what the swimmer did with the shark, but in Delaware fishermen/women are required to return them to the waters. Either way ... aside from being dangerous, it's not a great idea to play with these creatures and scare them for the sake of Instagram. ...

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