Monday, June 29, 2020


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Another day, another person going berserk over face mask policy -- only this time, it happened down in Texas ... and food went flying everywhere. A new video of a supermarket 'Karen,' if you will, is making the rounds online, which shows a lady having a complete and utter meltdown inside what appears to be a Fiesta Market in Dallas ... after she was apparently asked to put her mask back on to check out. Welp, she didn't like that order ... so she decided to empty out her cart and chuck her groceries all over the floor -- all while cursing out the staff, customers and anyone else who was listening. Eventually, she ran out of steam and stormed out. Keep in mind, word around the Internet is this woman came IN with a mask -- but for whatever reason couldn't see it through to the end. That's insane -- because the Trader Joe's 'Karen' did the exact same thing. Started strong, but then waffled at the finish line. At this rate, these unmasked crusaders are gonna go hungry because they can never seem to complete their grocery store runs.

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