Thursday, June 4, 2020

Toddler gets dragged up after leash attached to her hand gets stuck in elevator doors. Child was unhurt.

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A toddler in China was rescued unhurt after getting dragged up the doors of an elevator. Heart-stopping footage of the incident shows the girl hanging mid-air after she was dragged towards the ceiling when the elevator started moving. According to news website People's Daily China, the incident occurred after the girl stepped into the lift alone with leash attached to her wrist. 

Her caregiver was standing outside the lift when the doors closed and it started descending, pulling the toddler up towards the ceiling. Luckily, the elevator went into emergency halt after detecting unusual movement inside, leaving the girl unhurt but stuck hanging mid-air for several minutes before she was rescued.

CCTV footage of the horrifying incident has been widely shared on Chinese social media platforms with appeals to caregivers to keep an eye on their charges at all time to prevent mishaps. The accident took place in the city of Daye in Hubei province.

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