Monday, August 10, 2020

Video shows ‘Karen’ yelling at son’s bride during wedding

From: Ann K.
Sent: August 10, 2020
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Subject: Fw: Video shows ‘Karen’ yelling at son’s bride during wedding


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The first video begins with the bride and groom standing at the altar saying their vows, when the groom’s mother stands and yells at the bride for saying her son has flaws. The bride replies by telling the groom’s mother that she can leave, adding, “You’re not going to ruin my wedding.” “Everybody has flaws, and that’s why I love him,” the bride says. “You can leave, Judie.” Others can be heard saying, “you can leave.” The bride adds, “You can get out of my wedding now.” The groom’s mother says she is not leaving, adding “That dress you’re wearing I paid for.”

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