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Mystery Animal In Tree Turns Out To Be ...

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A woman in Krakow, Poland, had quite a fright when she saw what looked like a bizarre animal that had been hanging in the lilac tree outside her home for a few days. The woman called for help dealing with what she thought might be an iguana, according to the BBC. When the officers showed up at the scene, they were able to nab the mystery animal bread-handed — because the animal in question turned out to be a croissant, according to a Facebook post by the Krakow Animal Welfare Society. The person behind the post theorized the croissant was thrown out of a window as a treat for birds in the area and ended up getting stuck in the tree. Although the woman’s worry turned out to be unfounded, she did the right thing because “there are people willing to get rid of any animal that causes some trouble. Or just get bored,” the Facebook post said. “It’s better to check and be pleasantly disappointed.” The animal rescue did not mention what happened to the croissant after it was retrieved from the tree. Mystery Animal In Tree Turns Out To Be Croissant Credit:

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