Saturday, October 8, 2022

A man saves kitten to find out it is actually "Fishing Cat" | Did You Know?

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A little kitten was on the street while a Thai guy was coming from work. He recognized that it was a cat that had not been cared for since being born, when he got close to it. The man decided to take the kitten home to care for him after seeing how defenseless and alone he was. The kitten would not have been able to live on the streets by itself. After bringing the kitten home, the man gave him milk from a bottle and gave him excellent care. The kitten had made himself at home with the new owner and was happy there. The kitten grew during the course of time. The guy started to understand that the kitten he had raised did not resemble a typical cat. As it developed, it became increasingly clear that it was an entirely other species of mammal. After consulting a veterinarian, the guy learned that the cat was actually a Fishing Cat. Did You Know? Digest

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