Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Man was pulled over for his window tint, what happened next will Surprise you | Did You Know?

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Yesterday I was pulled over in Westland for my window tint. This stop was nothing like I thought it would be. He got my information and was walking back to the car and saw my daughter wasn’t in a car seat. So he asked me to get out to speak with him. He asked why didn’t she have one and I told him all I'd been thru this year. I'm barely making it because of these garnishments and I really don’t like asking people for help. Next the police officer told me to follow him to Walmart on Ford road and he purchased my daughter a car seat with his own money. If you would have seen us in Walmart, you would have thought we were best friends. It was like night and day. Never judge a book by it’s cover, there's some good guys left. I told him I never met an officer like him. He said I’m just doing my job, what good would giving you a ticket do besides putting you further in the hole making it harder on you to come up. In a world filled with negative stories, the fact that you shared yours has had an unbelievably positive impact on all of us.

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