Friday, December 9, 2022

It doesn’t get much better than Dad's | Did You Know?

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It doesn’t get much better than Dad's. It’s 8 PM, and my son is getting sick - I can tell. I call my dad to see if he’ll come with me so I can leave my son in the car as I run into Dollar General for some meds. We’re driving and my Dad gently says “Elaine, let’s stop at that gas station, it won’t take long and you won’t worry about gas tomorrow, your gas light is on.” He’s right, of course. I’ve been avoiding stopping for gas. because of life. I stop. I get out and start filling up. As I’m typing in my pin on the gas pump, I hear the door open and my dad gets out of the car insist on paying and then he starts cleaning my windshield. The windshield was caked with bugs from the multiple long-distance client meetings I drove to that week. No questions asked. No judgment. No expectation of anything in return. Simple and pure serving and helping his (grown) daughter. It was natural. I don’t think he even thought twice. Dads you are so special. We are so thankful. I hope I can treat other people (including my kid!) with the type of love and service that my Dad shows me. Don’t wait for someone you care about to ask for help, just get out and wash their windshield.

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