Monday, December 19, 2022

SERVING ALL - Buffalo Police Department Helping A Young Man Out | Did You Know?

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Today Buffalo Police Department members noticed this young man trying to get to school on his bicycle after his pedal had fallen off. He was looking for an object to shove in the socket as a substitute so he could get on his way. Captain Beyer gave him a ride to school and told him she would try to get his bike fixed, knowing there was many officers always willing to assist. The department was able to surprise Nyejay with a brand new bike and C I T Lieutenant Turello from the D-district provided a lock to secure the bike. Lieutenant Exum of the E-district is going to repair his old bicycle to give to one of Nyejay’s family members. It was a pleasure to put a smile on this young man's face, who was determined to get to school no matter what.

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