Thursday, December 8, 2022

The woman replied, when GOD orders, even the DEVIL obeys! | Did You Know?

From: Kevin B.
Sent: December 8, 2022
To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: Fw: The woman replied, when GOD orders, even the DEVIL obeys! 


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A very poor woman called a radio station asking for help from God. A non-believer who was also listening to this radio program decided to make fun of the woman. He got the woman's address from the radio station and told his secretary to carry a large amount of foodstuff to the woman. However, he gave the following instruction, When the woman asks who sent the food, tell her that it's from the devil. When the secretary arrived at the woman's house, the woman was happy and grateful for the help received. She started putting the food packets inside her small house. The secretary then asked her, Don't you want to know who sent the food? The woman replied, No, I don't care because when GOD orders, even the DEVIL obeys!

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