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Do You Think They Painted Themselves 30 Times To Get It Right?
Those Folks Wouldn't Survive Up North.

Me 2
This Heaven Must Be A Hell For Some.

Good Grief!

It's Hard to Recognize Him Without His Menacing Reindeer.

Thanks Internet Explorer, But We'll Call You.

Better Balance It Out With More Bacon.

The Waiting Was Bad. The Sound Was Even Worse.
Students Aren't The Only Ones In Need Of Winter Break

Yesterday Is Gone, And Tomorrow Isn't Too Far Behind 

May The Force Be With You 

A Most Excellent Observation...NOT 

Houston, We Have A Selfie 

Behold Its Glorious Yellow Plumage! 

My Pain Scale Goes Up To 11 

The Circle Game Strikes Back

Good Looking Corpse, Tacky Looking Ghost 

Aw, Nuts

Too Many Cold Ones 

He Has His Father's Fractal Curves

Cool, I'm Gonna Go Running From My House Screaming Now .

  Flip Floppin' In A Winter Wonderlan
In Other News, Your Coffee Is Hot

  Artsy Fartsy, Not So Smartsy.

Workers Are Getting Disgruntled At The North Pole.

We've Been Up Since 4:00 A.M. The Day Is Half Over!

Stay Smooth, My Friends

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