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When It's Hot, You Really Can't Just Keep Taking Stuff Off.

I Mustache You, Did You Like My Text?

Now Revolving Doors, That's A Whole Different Story

In One Hour, I'll Only Have Four Hours Left!

Mulch Ado About Nothing
You'll Love It! We Brought Back Clippy, Everyone's Favorite Tech Mascot!

Kids Really Love That Industrial Rubber Taste.

This Goes Against Everything The Easter Bunny Stands For: Chocolate & More Chocolate.

Only One Will Rip Out Your Arm Hair, Though.

Get Your Eyes Off Me, You Dang Dirty Crepe.

Now that's funny.

The Lord Cannot Forgive That Amount Of Duck Face.

At Least Make It A Lunch Meeting!

When Everyone Is Nagging You To Sweep, You Need A Weekend With The Lads.

"Rochelle, Go To Your Room."
"How Crude, Uncle Leslie."

If You Think About It, Most Babies Are Already Behind Bars.

It Makes My Candy Bowl Look Rugged & Outdoorsy.

He's a Reeeeeal Close Talker.

Sorry, Too Busy Swimming In Our Olympic Pool Of Gold Coins.

Also Works Well For The Last Splash of Milk In The Jug!

Now that's talent.

Get Your Mootor Running!

How Do You Like Them Apples, Brah?

I'm Into Fitness. Fitness Whole Pizza In My Mouth.

2 Thumbs Up & 20 Years Of Therapy!

A Popular 18th Century Ditty.
Someone's Watching? Looks Like I'm Parking 6 Blocks Away

Trust Me, Dogs Know It's Not Bacon

He's The New Dick Clark - Just Never Ages

Oh Thank Goodness, I Thought I Was Buying Life Rafts

They're Aboot The Nicest People On Earth, Eh?

I Have A Pretty Hectic Nexflix Queue Right Now.

Can We Interest You In Trying Bing? *Door Slam*

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