Our Pinterest Pins #12

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Please Don't Leave Your Name And Number After The Beep.

Someday I'll Find It, The Name-Face Connection.

We All Make That Face.

Psych! We Can't Really See The Future.

I Gotta Cut Back On The Animal Crackers...

Somebody Didn't Appreciate Our Rockin' St Patty's Day Party.

Ashes to Ashes, Pork to Chop

Is There Anything Else I Can Complicate For You Today?

Guess Who's Getting Trained.

Woof In Sheep's Clothing.

I Gotta Go, Donna's Making Some Wicked Suppah.

Charmin's Not So Charmin'

Eat Your Heart Out


Your Grandpa Was So Brave To Use The Dog Filter

Can I buy an "I", please

I Don't Want To Get These Clothes Dirty Too.

Hey, Don't Get Salty About It, Petunia.

I Should Have Never Taken Them To The Park.

I'm Sensing A Pattern Here...​

Someday I'll Get It, My Package Of Post Its, The Sellers, The Shippers, And Me.

The Camera Adds 10 Pounds, But So Do Donuts.

Grandma Is Sweet, But Not Jolly.

You're So Sweet I Just Want To Eat You Up!

Please Try Again In 30 Days

Green Light Notification? There's An App For That.

Ice Ice, Baby.

If Roads Were Cheeses, Ours Would Be Swiss.

Talk About A Good Connection.

Uh Oh, The Feds May Seize My Farmville

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