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I'll Just Leave, Come Back and…OH I REMEMBER NOW...Wait, Wait…No, It's Gone.

Who Are You And What Have You Done With Karen?

Home Alone Character Research Really Paid Off.

Can This...Can This Be Forever?

Know About Dinosaurs...Or Quench My Thirst?

No Takesies Backsies (Please).

But If I Avoid Life, Can I Then Nap? Choices…

Any Sane Person Would Have Done the Same.

That's Funny. Really. I Promise.

...But Consumed In One Sitting.

Happy Father's Day!

Please No Flat Please No Flat Please No…(Sigh)

No Follow Ups, Please.

Me Waking Up The Next Day: Athena, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Great. Now I Have to Get A Degree in Happy.

And Then You Hit The Ground.

But Hey, At Least This Friday Is Hawaiian Shirt Day!

Right Above That Is Unwrapping Crinkly Candy In The Theater.

To Say I Don't Know How To Dress Would Be An Understatement.

There Are Plenty Of Sponges In The Sea.

Kale Fail.

This Is Just Payback For When You Were A Kid.

The Business End Of The Budget.

If You Complain, You Can Have A Knuckle Sandwich Instead.

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