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Or Bring The Kids To The Spray-Place.

Sincerely, Still Hungry.

She Told Me I've Urn'd It

Inspirational. That's What It's All About.

No Cookie Will Fix That.

Then Look In The Mirror And See Not Much Has Changed.

I Could Swear You've Always Had Wings!

Up, Up, and Away!

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Back In My Day, I Had to Be an Early Bird to Get My Worms.

With Your Powers Combined I Create One FULL Bag of Chips.

Count Spatula Strikes Again.

...Yet So, So Injured

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

We've Got Fun and Hanes.

In Olympic Swimming Pools, Swimmers Save YOU!

Now I'll Just Chalk Up My Hands and Then We Can Get Going.

Truth Is Only But An Illusion.

Under the Bed There Be Dragons.

Or How About From a Few Days Ago? Anyone? Bueller?

Mommy? Daddy? Are You Scared? I Am Too.

Yes, Mom! I Don't Have to Poop Anymore.

I've Been Training For This My Whole Life.

Also Me: Shall We Talk Compensation?

Fishing is a Pro! I Like Fishing…Right?

Results of Bribing Still Pending.

Wait, Wait...Am I Heading Toward The Lake? Do I Turn Before Or After the Starbucks?

I'm Also Always The Banker in Monopoly Soooo… You Tell Me.

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