Our Pinterest Pins #16

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Me "Going Out" On A Friday Night.

We All Have That One Friend.

This Is How They Get You. #kitten

As They Say, One Muppet's Trash... #cookiemonster, #oscarthegrouch

It's A Whole New Beginning.

The Joke Is Even Funnier in Real Life.

Four Years of Juggling School Right in the Garbage.

Dinglehoppers Are A Dime A Dozen Up Here.

99 Problems, But Nachos Ain't One.

To This Day, I Still Can't Eat Worm. #mycrazyemail

And Another Thing, You Stupid Shampoo Bottle...

If A Polar Bear Can Figure It Out, Why Can’t I?

Please Don't Be This Person.

Looks Like I Gotta Buy More Arm Floaties...

Don't Make Me Use It For Something Other Than Sandwiches.

My Mouth Says "Welcome" But My Eyes Say "Get Out!"

The Only Kickstarter Was Kickstarting The Engine.

Here's Why: You're Going To Re-Buy Those Cords.

If You Think The Monsters Are Bad News...

Silence Is Golden.

Come Grab My Fat Shins On Your Engagement!

Oh Crap, It's The EPA, Make A Run For It!

Don't Call America's Got Talent Just Yet.

The Most Pungent Lunch In The World.

It's All Aboot Manners Up There, Eh?

More Funny Pinterest Pins

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