Our Pinterest Pins #19

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How About It, Science?

And Do They Ever Wonder Which One?

You Can Call It A Gift From Santa.

What We Did For Fun Before Smartphones.

A True Sign Of Maturity.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes.

One Simple Way To Be Considerate.

The Post Office By Her House Seems Especially Careless.

It's All About The Intimidation Factor.

The Trick To Making Every Second Count.

I Blame The Cute Chihuahua For Not Warning Me.

The Dark Sequel To 'Animal House' That Was Never Made.

According To Science...

And Then They Even Order Food For Delivery.

What You Said Was Interesting, I'm Just More Interesting.

Paul Bunyan Himself Couldn't Clean That Nose.

No Offense Though.

A New Holiday Tradition To Really Knock You Out.

To Improve Your Time, Just Run Like You're Being Chased.

Like Juggling On A Tight Rope While Defusing A Bomb.

Seems Very Dysfunctional.

Swarms of College Students Spotted Nearby

No One Should Have to Endure This Much Pain.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Parking Spaces.

Brought to You By Dentists, Who Hate Business.

Repeat Until You're Questioning if You Even Need Groceries.

Trying to Go Back to When Everything Was This Simple.

It's a Ruff Job, But Someone Has to Do It.

The Scariest Part of Halloween Decorations is the Price.

More Funny Pinterest Pins

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