Our Pinterest Pins #21

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I'm Training To Run An Iron Man In 2079.

What Did My Face Ever Do To The Air?

Can't Have Work To Do If You Just Never Do It.

Before They Tell Me "This Is Not A Nude Beach".


Still Better Looking Than A Lot Of Men, Honestly.

I'm Not Lazy I'm Just Hibernating.

Hey If That's What They Advise...

Geometry Has Not Helped Get My Taxes In Shape.

I Suppose I Didn't Think About How He Washed Dishes.

What Were You Expecting To Find There?

Hope You All Are Ready For The Lizard Storm.

Third Baby's Lucky If It Even Gets A Photo.

This Family Could Break A Tornado.

A Small Price To Pay For Everlasting Mystique.

It's A Treacherous Journey To Get To The Food Court.

I Still Think Of All The Popsicles I Could Buy...

Always Be Looking To The Future.

A Different Way To Roast Your Friends.

I Just Want To Ask If They Could Start Over.

The Only Resolution Worth Keeping.

When You Remember Rent Is Due On The 1st.

The List Is Off To A Very Strong Start.

New Year, New Underwear.

Every Year, I’m Never Ready.

Looks Like Some Things Never Change.

Oh So This Is Where He's Been.

And It All Comes Full Circle.

It Is Whiskey Business, After All.

For Reaching Out, You Get 5 Stars

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