Our Pinterest Pins #23

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Hope My Other Dogs Don't Get Jealous.

And I'll STILL Be Using My Ex's Password.

Did They Think Nobody Would Notice?

How Many Grams Of Protein Are In Tequila?

40 Years And I Still Celebrate This Day.

The City Of Lights...And Sandals.

The Maintenance Costs Have Become Too High.

But I Had Style, Even If It Wasn't Good Style.

Not What I Meant But OK.

"I Hope This Is Enough Food".

There's No Crying During Tax Season.

Smile Like You're Trying To Remember How People Smile.

Well, At Least The Truck Had Airbags.

My Unspiration Is Just Too Much For This Place.

"You'll Just Have To Take My Word For It".

Taking Gigs For "Exposure" To Get More Gigs For "Exposure".

That's Why I Choose Extra Fries Over Exercise.

And Put A Number At The End To Make It Stronger.

Even The Drive-Thru Isn't Safe.

If I Can't See It, Ignorance Is Bliss.

Because I've Always Known Exactly Who I Am.

Clear My History So They Think I Had A Wide Vocabulary.

Be Careful What You Wish For.

Since I'm Classy, I Just Use A Knife And Fork.

You Mean I Put In All That Work For Nothing?

I Heard There Will Be A "Special Place" For Me.

I Have A Particular Set Of Skills...

More Funny Pinterest Pins

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