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  Which Came First, The Soy Chicken Or The Tofu Egg?

Woah, Are These Glasses That Simulate Drunk Driving?
Goodnight, Goodnight Moon Book
Oh Wow, You Want A Divorce? That's Crazy...
Now Even The Mouse Has Frozen...Nooooooooo!

To The Batcave!...To Watch A Different Show.

  You Do NOT Want To Go See Principal Vader.

  I Said There Was No Spoon, But I Spork Too Soon

Hey, I Said "No Offense" First, So I'm Cleared, Right?

  Junk Food Junkie

That Little Green Slice Is What We Call "Cramming"

S.O.S. - Send Over Sandwiches

I Want To Like This...But I Also Want To Hit The Cry Symbol


This Is Some Of You Right Now

For Some Reason, My Parents Didn't Like My Recitals.
Looking For A Suspect Named Lou. Skip To My Lou.
Welp, Already Got In My 3 Days A Year At The Gym

  Thank God That Trend Went Extinct

Contact Your Anesthesiologist About Benadryl Today!

For Obvious Reasons, This Scene Didn't Make The Final Cut.

The King Of Pop

Wanna Switch? 

Home Sweet Burden

As You Can See, I've Got A Lot Of Work To Do
Ah, That's Why I've Been Feeling Nauseous

Time Keeps On Slippin, Slippin, Slippin Into The Future.
Just Stayin' Hydrated, Boss *Hiccup*

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It...WAIT!

Bad Hair, Bad Attitude

And Who Turns Off The Light In The Fridge?

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