Sunday, April 29, 2012

1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table

From: Dan M.
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Subject: Fw: 1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table
1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table
This is the Ford Car-Shaped Pool Table as seen on American Idol, The Price is Right, Auction Hunters, and more!

Your awesome new pool table is entirely made in the USA and comes complete with working lights, real chrome bumpers, chrome hardware, real alloy rims and tires, and a professional 4' x 8' slate playing top.

Though your "car" has been made a little shorter to fit in your home, both the front and rear of the table are the actual size and trimmed with real Ford Mustang parts. Plug it in, turn on the lights, and play away!

Every inch of this table is beautiful and finished in an actual auto-body shop to showroom quality. It's even painted in original 1965 "Rangoon Red" and clear-coated with real automotive clear coat and buffed and polished by hand!

The Mustang Pool Table is the ONLY officially licensed Collector's Edition pool table for Ford Motor Company, your table will come complete with its own "VIN" number (Serial Number) and "Title" (Certificate of Authenticity).

Technical Specifications:

119" long (bumper to nose) (302cm)
71" wide (side to side) (180cm)
35" high (floor to top of rails) (89cm)
Approximately 1000 lbs assembled (454kg)
Each Mustang Pool Table is custom finished when ordered, shipped to you, and assembled in your home or business by one of our professional billiards table installer.
Order Yours Today!

Special Pricing of Only


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