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69 Obama lies exposed

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69 Obama lies exposed
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Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

On Thursday, our staff finalized the most explosive resource that Grassfire has ever published. It's called 69 Obama Lies.

I believe 69 Obama Lies is the most thorough "vetting" of Obama's actual words in print. And I know it is going to outrage the Left because we actually hold Obama accountable for what he said!

About six weeks ago, our staff set out with the goal of putting the "truth detector" to what Obama has actually said. What we realized is Obama has lied so pervasively and thoroughly that even our staff had forgotten many of his most outrageous fibs! That's when we realized we had to create a written record of the Obama Lies.

When we finished, we had created a 122-page, 20,000-word dossier that documents a disturbing cross-section of fibs, falsehoods, and fabrications that our President has used to win votes while implementing his radical agenda. Go here to see a larger image of the cover and the full list of 69 Obama Lies we have documented:


+ + The Lies that got Obama elected...

69 Obama Lies is organized in six sections that cover everything from the lies Obama has told about himself (we call these "ObamaLies"), to his campaign lies, his lies about government and taxes, ObamaCare and domestic and foreign policy.

They are all here -- and footnoted so you will have complete documentation. We start with the ObamaLies -- his denial of Rev. Wright.... the "normalcy" of his church... the Bill Ayers lie... the ACORN lie... and Obama's "Brother's Keeper" lie which exposes his Marxist core.

Let's be clear -- it was these "ObamaLies" along with his campaign lies that got Obama elected in the first place. Obama's ability to cloak his real beliefs and his real associations (with the willing help of the liberal media) kept his campaign moving forward.

But we don't stop there....

+ + Obama's "Big Government" Lies

69 Obama Lies also tracks the BIG LIE that Obama sold to the American people just after Inauguration Day -- that massive deficit spending would "create and save" jobs and restore the economy.

It was all a LIE. We know that now. But it is vitally important to have the facts laid out in an orderly fashion. That's precisely what 69 Obama Lies does. We expose the full range of Obama's Big Government lies...

The "Create Or Save Jobs" Lie...

The Stimulus Law is Working" Lie...

The "I'll Cut The Deficit" Lie...

The "Government Motors" Lie...

The "Cash for Clunkers" Lie...

The "Rich Pay Less In Taxes" Lie...
+ + Border Lies, ObamaCare Lies... Energy Lies...

69 Obama Lies literally covers every aspect of Obama's presidency -- from his lies about border security and immigration to his lies about gas prices and green jobs.

We saved a whole section for Obama's signature legislative "achievement" -- ObamaCare. We've identified a Baker's Dozen of fibs Obama told just to get ObamaCare passed.

And please note that each of the 69 Obama Lies is like a mini research report -- clearly laying out the specific Obama lie and fully documenting our sources.

You get the actual words of Obama set against the truth -- the LIE next to the reality check. Go here to request your copies and see the complete list of 69 Lies:


+ + 69 Obama Lies Begins Shipping In Two Weeks!

If you can help Grassfire with a contribution of ANY AMOUNT (even a few dollars to cover printing and shipping), we'll send you TWO COPIES of "69 Obama Lies" -- one to keep and one to share with a friend.

We have asked the printer to rush the first printing of 69 Obama Lies so we can get this resource into our team members' hands as quickly as possible.

As a result, we expect to begin shipping 69 Obama Lies the week of April 23.
In order to be included in our first shipment, please let me hear from you as soon as possible. Go here to request your two copies:

I truly believe 69 Obama Lies is the most thorough and most important resource Grassfire has ever created. And I want to put it in the hands of every Grassfire team member.

Please take a moment to order your two copies of 69 Obama Lies today, and thanks for the stand you are taking.

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation
P.S. As I write, the manuscript is going to the printer and we expect to begin shipping 69 Obama Lies the week of April 23. The first print run of our last resource quickly sold out. Please go here to see the complete list of 69 Obama Lies and to order your copies:


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