Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Police Car Stop Shots Fired

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In the Blink of an Eye... The officer emptied his semiautomatic in retaliation!  Darn good shooting from somebody that just got the crap scared out of him!  A coroner’s jury ruled that Hamilton, Montana, Police Officer Ross Jessop was justified in killing a man during a late night traffic stop.  It took a six woman jury an hour to rule that Officer Ross justifiably shot and killed Raymond Thane Davis after Davis shot at him.  The five hours of testimony included this chilling video recording of the shooting made by the police car dash camera.  Davis first tried shooting Officer Jessop in the face from a few inches away.  The click of Davis’ revolver’s hammer hitting a previously fired round was audible on the tape.  Davis then shot again as Officer Jessop retreated and drew his own weapon.  Watch this one twice (at least) to get the FULL bone chilling effect.  It’ll make your hair stand up!  As indicated earlier, this happened in Hamilton, Montana.  Just shows how fast things can go to crap.  If you listen close, the first time the suspect pulled the trigger it went “click”.  They found out later that the hammer fell on a spent case in the revolver.  The outcome would have been much different if there had been a live round in the cylinder.  The driver of the vehicle (suspect) died of his wounds after being hit, then driving into a telephone pole after he sped away.  Never let your guard down, stay calm and shoot straight… as many times as you have bullets.  Reload as required.

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