Thursday, August 16, 2012

Republicans will cut your MediCare

From: Jill H.
Sent: August 16, 2012
To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: Fw: Republicans will cut your MediCare

Republicans will cut your MediCare
I received an e-mail I would like to share with you. . . . (or at least part of it)
In the closing (or perhaps opening) of an e-mail (can’t remember which) – I used the phrase “can someone please explain to me. . . . “ and one of my addressees’ did – here is part of her response. . .
“The Democrats have been using the scare tactics of ‘Republicans will cut (or end) MediCare, scaring the hell out of our Senior Citizens for years and years. This started back in the mid-70s (or perhaps earlier) let’s look at the record:
Richard Nixon (Republican) (69-74)
Gerald Ford (Republican) (74-77)
James Earl (Jimmy) Carter (Democrat) (77-81)
Ronald Reagan (Republican) (81-89)
George Herbert Walker Bush (Republican) (89-93)
William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton (Democrat) (93-01)
George W. Bush (Republican) (01-09)

So from 69 – 09 – a period of 40 years Republicans occupied the White House 28 of those 40 years.
Wouldn’t you say they had ample time and opportunity to do something with MediCare if that was their plan?
The fact of the matter is this has been the mantra, chant and song the Democrats have been singing a long, long time but it just hasn’t happened.
So then why does the American public fall for this – the Seniors and the Liberal Left?
If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. ~ Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda
Some have doubt that this was an actual quote from Goebbels, but it is an effective tool used in propaganda and the Liberal Democrats have mastered this very well.

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