Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CBS video - Doing Business the Mormon way

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CBS video - Doing Business the Mormon way
You will not have to listen to anything else or hear anything else about Mitt Romney and who he is. This is the best and it was heard on a generally opposing network. I will send nothing more on the election.........Character does matter!....................

This video may surprise you...Could the main stream media be starting to wake up?
Everyone, please take the time to view this. Send it to everyone you know and ask them to be sure and view it. It is one of the most positive pieces of information I have seen come out on Mitt Romney. And, surprisingly, it is on CBS and is not typical for one of the major media stations. You will have to wait for the short commercial at the beginning of the clip.

Click on the link below and get the first glimpse of a change in the thinking of the CBS News team....this is the most positive segment that CBS has ever had on an opponent of Barack Obama.
It is short, but makes the point being missed by most of Romney's critics.
Doing business the Mormon way - CBS News Video

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