Thursday, October 25, 2012

Could this be the biggest cover-up in US history

From: Joan D.
Sent: October 25, 2012
To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: Fw: Could this be the biggest cover-up in US history
libya benghazi attack
Forget about how bad the economy is for a minute (if you can) and think only about Libya...this is serious stuff. The media is claiming now that this is the biggest cover-up in US history. More comes out every day. Our president flat out turned his back on our Ambassador and Seals. On so many levels...there is negligence, incompetence and self-righteousness. It would not look good if Libya was a "hot spot", al queda was alive and well, & our Ambassador was sitting unprotected...might hurt his re-election campaign. As our Ambassador and Seals were fighting for their lives being brutally attacked, tortured, raped, and murdered for an ongoing of 7 to 8 hrs...what was this president doing? The fact is he knew about the attack within the first 2 hours, & that an affiliate of al queda was claiming responsibility...he was in his situation room watching the whole thing and then simply left for Vegas to campaign. I ask you to campaign for be our thank you! As if what he had already done was not enough he also met with the parents of one of the Seals and expressed such sorrow over the release of the video resulting in their sons death. A slap in the face to this family and country from a very incompetent and self-righteous president.
Also, White House receives emails with terrorist claims to the Libya attack within the first 2 hrs. Our Pentagon readies and moves forces from Spain, Tripoli and elsewhere ... but our current administration gives no direction ... only watches. So many failures ... no security given, no rescue mission, no help, lies, cover ups, deceit and more cover ups. This is not what I want in a President!

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