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Not bad for mostly being able to tell good “one liners”.

March 5, 2013 - Out of this world! Bob Hope’s space age Palm Springs home! It looks
like a home from the future. And now, Bob Hope's legendary Palm Springs mansion
has gone on the market for an eye-watering $50m. It is the most famous property owned
by the legendary comic, who was extremely passionate about architecture.

Boldly go where no one has gone before: Bob Hope's famed Palm Springs home is up for sale for $50m.

The California home was designed by renowned Modern architect John Lautner especially for the funnyman and his beloved wife Dolores. The concrete, steel and glass house was built in 1979 and has about 22,000 square feet of living space, and its unique design is somewhat reminiscent of the USS Enterprise. Buyer's will get to boldly go where no-one except the Hope family has gone before, as this is the first time it has gone on the market. It was sited on San Jacinto mountain to have a spectacular view overlooking the Coachella Valley, and its curving copper ' mushroom' roof plays off the shape of the nearby mountains.

Futuristic: The home owes its space age look to a design by famed modernist architect,
John Lautner

Stunning: The property was specially designed to take advantage of the glorious
natural landscape

The swimming facility was actually made in the shape of Bob’s famous profile. According
to public records the home has six bedrooms, and Bob apparently did not like being caught short as there are also 12 bathrooms. It also has the unique distinction of having a massive boulder jutting out the living room floor. The English-born entertainer obviously had expensive tastes, as the murals on the first floor and the pool area are by Garth Benton, whose work is also featured at the Malibu Getty. As well as the Hollywood standard swimming pool, which is in the shape of Hope’s famous profile, other outdoor features include a pond, tennis court and an outdoor fireplace. Bob died in 2003 at 100 and his long-running career saw him meet presidents, star in films and tour the world firing his famous one-liners.

No wonder he was so cheerful - Bob was often cited as the biggest private landowner
in California

Stream of consciousness: The funnyman will have found this a relaxing place to think
up new gags

Telescopic view: The comedian had the perfect place to indulge his love of stargazing here His second wife Dolores, who he married back in 1934, died in 2011 at 102. The entertainer was often cited as the biggest private landowner in California. Last year his daughter Linda sold her late parents’ Toluca Lake estate, near Los Angeles, along with some of its contents, in a well-publicized garage sale. Despite being designed by one of the world's most famous architects, Lautner was said to have been infuriated at what he deemed too much interference by the Hopes. It is said he thought the house inappropriately furnished, and distanced himself from the property in later years.

The home with the hole: The house would be the ideal headquarters for Polo Mints

Stone the crows: The living room is said to have a gigantic boulder jutting into it

View-tiful: Bob had it sited on San Jacinto mountain to have a spectacular view
overlooking the Coachella Valley

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