Wednesday, May 29, 2013

People Now Smoking Alcohol

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People Now Smoking Alcohol
Finally, a drink that's zero calories, zero sugar, and probably more deadly than its predecessor!

Kids these days will do anything for -- well, they'll just do anything. They'll burn themselves with salt and ice for fun. They'll imbibe via their anuses. And now, they're mixing dry ice and booze in order to "smoke" alcohol vapor.

The trend is already being dismantled by party poopers doctors, who tell Fox 5 in the video above that it's extremely dangerous. Inhaled alcohol vapor goes to the blood and brain too quickly -- speeding up the alcohol poisoning process -- and booze is, not surprisingly, toxic to the lungs.

Apparently, dry ice isn't the only way to smoke your vodka soda, either. In an effort to not show your kids how it's done, let's just say the other method -- which may or may not actually work -- involves a bicycle pump, a cork and a video camera so we can watch it on YouTube. (Source)

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