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Draco Rizali Small Lizard Known as a Flying Dragon

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Three Species named after Dr. Jose Rizal

When Rizal was exiled in Dapitan he immersed himself with the study of nature. He also spent time teaching children in Dapitan. Together with his students he was able to discover numerous species of birds, butterflies, snakes, insects and over 340 shells. Rizal sent species of plants, insects and animals for identification to the Anthropological and Ethnographical Museum of Dresden. He received high praise and recognition from the European scientists for his rare discoveries. Three of which was named after him: Draco Rizali (small lizard known as a flying dragon), Apogania Rizali (rare kind of beetle) and Rhacophorus Rizali (a peculiar frog specimen)


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Draco guentheri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Draco guentheri, commonly known as G√ľnther's flying lizard or Guenther's flying lizard, is a species of agamid "flying dragon" endemic to the Philippines.
Geographic range · ‎Etymology · ‎Taxonomy · ‎References

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The Philippine Star
Jun 19, 2003 - That a flying lizard (Draco rizali), a frog (Rachophorus rizali) and a beetle (Apogonia rizali) had been named in honor of him? That he also held ...

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Philippine Daily Inquirer
Aug 13, 2014 - Jose Rizal's huge correspondence—954 letters to and from him—were published chronologically in six volumes by T.M. Kalaw before World ...

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National Geographic Society
Learn all you wanted to know about Draco lizards with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

The Discoveries and Inventions of Jose Rizal – The Delfin Journal
Jun 2, 2015 - Apogania Rizali — it's a rare species of beetle with five horns. Ri Draco Rizali Wandolleck on the left, Rhacophorus Rizalli Boettger on the right, ...

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