Monday, October 10, 2016

Boy Horrified When He Reads ‘Name’ On The Wendy’s Receipt

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I don't know the situation here. It's not right that they laughed at him one way or the other. But I also see where this could be yet another example of people not speaking clearly. I'm guilty of mumbling, myself. But I've run into many individuals that I have to ask them to repeat themselves 2 or 3 times because they aren't enunciating very well. It seems to be an even bigger problem in the larger cities. ~Sherri

Teeneshia Bush and her 15-year-old son stopped for dinner one night. He was confused when everyone behind the counter started to laugh at him after he ordered, but when he read his name written on the receipt, he was horribly embarrassed. After the encounter, Teeneshia shared the story with her family and friends on Facebook. Since hearing about what happened, Wendy's has issued a statement and reached out to personally apologize to Teeneshia and her son.

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