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Bank Accounts No Longer FDIC Insured - Accounts At Risk

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Banks Get Approval to Seize Your Bank Account Without Your Permission!

A Little-Known Rule Lets the Government and Banks Steal Money from People Who Haven't Been Convicted - or Even Accused - of a Crime!

In the United States, the government gave the green light to banks to seize cash from bank accounts under certain conditions. Aside from its abuse of civil liberties, this bail-in regime is another weapon in the government's arsenal of capital controls meant to reward banks to separate people from the money they worked hard for.

We've long been familiar with capital controls, such as daily limits on bank withdrawals. Add that to seven years of microscopic interest rates cannibalizing retirement savings combined with planned inflation, which some prefer to call theft. But unlike the drip-drip we're used to, the bail-in will come upon you quickly, harshly, and with finality.

The financial system is predominantly comprised of digital money. Actual physical Dollars bills and coins only amount to $1.36 trillion. This is only a little over 10% of the $10 trillion sitting in bank accounts. And it’s a tiny fraction of the $20 trillion in stocks, $38 trillion in bonds and $58 trillion in credit instruments floating around the system.

If a large percentage of people actually moved their funds into something physical and tangible, it could very quickly become a systemic problem.

As banks in the US faced a complete financial meltdown in 2008 due to nearly 24% of the assets in Money Market funds were liquidated in the course of four weeks. The ensuing liquidity crush nearly imploded the system, Congress ponied up fresh taxpayer money – $800 billion and trillions since – to bail-out favored banks and industries.

That tactic took on a new name: the bail-in. The easy part – the laws they needed had been in place for decades. But for added cover, they passed a specific act in 2010, a 1930's-styled, bank heist blueprint with a feel-good name. In the last 24 months, Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand, the UK, and now Germany have all implemented legislation that would allow them to first FREEZE and then SEIZE bank assets during the next crisis

Unlike the 1930's, there will be no point standing in long lines with hat in hand to ask for your money. By the time you hear the news, your money in the bank will already be gone. All to ensure your bank is allowed to remain open and fully operational. Such a measure is in line with international efforts to address the potential risks to the financial system and broader economy of institutions perceived as "too-big-to-fail".

How can you avoid this criminal theft and keep your money safe? You have options.

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