Friday, November 24, 2017

These Pills Will Make You Poop 24 Karat Gold

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These Pills Will Make You Poop 24 Karat Gold

For sale: 24-karat gold pills that “turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth.” At $425 a poop, I mean a pop, your shit will be flecked with pure gold flakes when you swallow these luxurious vitamins. “Like an addict, all I want is more. Like celebrity and celebrity culture, demand for luxury items is completely created,” said the designers, Tobi Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid, who originally created the pills as part of an art project in 2006. Wong has since passed away. ...

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This Gold Pill Makes You Poop Glitter | Incredible Things
Want to shit gold? I mean, LITERALLY? Just swallow one of these Gold Pills and all your glittery doo-doo dreams will come true. This product is totally for.

Gold Poop Pills By Tobias Wong Will Turn Your Feces All Sparkly ...
Dec 10, 2012 - Artist Tobias “Tobi” Wong heard your prayers and delivered. The late artist created a pillthat will “turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth.”. ... Wong is not the first artist to experiment with the combination of gold and feces, in case you were wondering.

These pills that make you poop gold - 5 novelty gifts for people with ...
Dec 17, 2014 - These special pills cost $425 and are filled with 24-karat gold leaf. Completely edible, they're for the person who wants to bling out their bowels ...

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