Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Musa Velutina or Pink Velvet Bananna

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The Musa Velutina or Pink Velvet Banana originated from Indian Himalaya, is said to have a consistency like ice cream and the flavor similar to vanilla.

Musa velutina, the hairy banana or pink banana, is a species of seeded banana. These plants are originally from Assam and the eastern Himalayas. They are also cultivated in greenhouses and places like Australia. Its fruits are 3 in (8 cm) long, pink, and fuzzy. They are borne on erect flower stalks with a pink inflorescence. Musa velutina flowers at a young age, doing so within a year. The fruits peel back when ripe. It is often grown as an ornamental plant, but has soft, sweet flesh that can be eaten. The seeds are quite hard and can chip a tooth. To sow, first soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours. They should be planted in fine compost and kept at a constant temperature of 20°-24 °C with full natural light. They may take up to 6 months to germinate. Plants may be placed outside during warmer months but should be taken in to a conservatory or greenhouse and protected in winter.

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