Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How long does it take to poop a Lego?

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I saw this question with articles asking one of the most important questions of all times "How long does it take to poop a Lego?" and thought that MCE might just take it and run with it. ~Rachel

Earlier this year, six pediatric scientists decapitated six Lego minifigures, then swallowed the heads. The researchers did this to answer a simple, scientific question: How long does it take to poop a brick? The answer, for those of you teetering on the edges of your seats, is about two to three days.18 hours ago 6 Doctors Swallowed and Pooped Lego Minifigures So You Don't ...

How Long Does It Take To Poop Lego? | IFLScience
Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a little yellow Lego head to pass through the human body? ... In the name of science, six healthcare professionals volunteered to swallow a Lego head and spend the next few days sifting through their bowel movements to retrieve the evidence ...

Here's How Long It'd Take You to Poop a Lego - Gizmodo
Pediatricians in the UK have finally answered one of life's grand riddles: Just how long would it take for a Lego toy accidentally swallowed by ...

How long does it take to poop Lego? Scientists swallow toy heads to ...
Six curious scientists have answered a bizarre call of doodie to explore how long it takes for a piece of Lego, the children’s toy, to complete its wonderful journey through the body once it’s been swallowed. ... We've finally answered the burning question - how long does it take ...

New Study Reveals How Long It Would Take to Poop a LEGO
If you've found yourself worrying because you get swallowed a LEGO piece, we're happy to inform you it's not going to be sticking around in ...

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