Thursday, December 22, 2022

A Gorilla went over to the injured boy and cradled him in her arms | Did You Know?

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Did You Know? Digest ►►► In 1996, in a zoo in Illinois, USA, an amazing display of empathy between animals took place. An unidentified 8 year old boy slipped away from his mother, climbed over a barrier and fell into the Gorilla Enclosure. Due to the 20 ft fall, the boy broke his hand and suffered a deep laceration to his face. Seven gorillas inhabited the enclosure. Gorillas are known to be fiercely territorial animals. They will fight to the death in order to defend their families. It is estimated that male silverback gorillas have the strength of at least 10 grown human men, though it is estimated to be even higher. However, one of the gorillas, called Binti Jua, meaning "daughter of sunshine" went over to the boy and cradled him in her arms, all while her own young child was on her back. She then went over to the edge of the enclosure and waited for the zookeepers to come and to collect the child. Binti handed the child over peacefully before returning to the rest of the gorillas.

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