Our Pinterest Pins #20

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"Let's Paint A Few More And Pick The One That's Cutest".

And At This Rate I'll Have A Lot To Do The Next Day.

Important Last Words.

If Only Our Ancestors Could See Us Now.

We're Only Stating The Facts.

Just Trying To Play It Safe.

"This Is Technically Over Our $20 Limit But OK"

May It Rest In Pieces.

If trees could talk.


At Least In My Before Picture I Was Smiling.

Just A Bit More Useful Than Frankincense And Myrrh.

That's One Small Sip For Man...

Also, Robin Did NOT Lay An Egg.

New Answer For When I'm Asked To Describe Myself.

If A Heart Two Sizes Too Small Gets It. ...

No One Is Above Overdoing The Instagram Filters.

Longest receipts in the world.

This Is To Make Sure Nobody Robs Mars.

Not to be corny, but that lettuce really shouldn’t be there, as I “recall.”

So...At Home, These Guys Wear Clothes?

When People Ask What I Do For Fun.

I'm No Mathematician But This Seems Off.

For When Reality Sets In.

But At The Time I Was Just So Curious.

That Or You Have A Great Recipe For Ice.

Well, When You Put It That Way...

More Funny Pinterest Pins

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