Our Pinterest Pins #24

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To Be Fair It's A Pretty Good Price.

Here Grandma, I Fixed It.

This Was After An Especially Ruff Day.

For Instant Fun, Just Add Water.

How Did It Take Me Three Tries?

Then We Could Finally Turn That Hat Around.

That Is If You Manage To Find A Lid That Fits.

Honestly, Now, I Would Love One Of These.

"Yes I Have Reservations, But I'm Still Eating Here".

My Cooking Skills Are Nuts.

Back When Memes Were Just A Theory.

If You Want Something Done Right...

See The Wisdom And Maturity It Has Given Him?

Do Those Even Work?

Unsure Of Whose Side To Take Here...

Almost Didn't Post This Joke Since It's So Cheesy.

Would The Food Be Served On Paper Plates?

But Those Plastic Seats Are Just So Comfy.

For Anyone Who Needed A Visual.

Yeah Sleep Is Important, But So Is This.

Yet Somehow It Always Works.

And It Even Doubles As A Hand Puppet.

It's April And I Still Haven't Washed March's Madness.

This Would Absolutely Be My Favorite Song.

Everyone Go Home And Hug Your Toilet Paper.

And She's Taking Half His Lego Bricks.

Words To Live By.

And The Daughter Wound Up Getting An F.

What A Bad Example For Future Surgeons.

I Am Blown Away By This New System.

It Seems That Many Have Forgotten...

That's It, I'm Putting In My Two Weeks Notice.

Looking For Motivation Wherever I Can Find It.

More Funny Pinterest Pins

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