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Should Housewives Earn A Salary

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Should Housewives Earn A Salary
Read this the other day and couldn't  agree more. I think the title's wrong. It should read "homemaker" because of the men who manage the home front. Any way good article please share. Barb.
A proposed law in India would make husbands pay their wives for homemaking.
It's long been said that hiring a person (or people) to cook, clean, nanny/teach a kid to read, pay household bills, shop and have sex would cost a pretty penny. And seemingly, only super villains and Brangelinas have the kind of foresight and cash to hire those several people. However, dear friends, a house spouse (let us not give husbands who work from the home short thrift) does all of these jobs and is NOT on anyone's payroll.

That may change soon on the opposite side of Earth, as an Indian governmental department (the Union Women and Child Development Ministry) is drafting legislation that would make it mandatory for a husband to dole out a fixed percentage of his salary to his wife to compensate her for her homemaking efforts. Indeed, the position of wife, mother and housekeeper will henceforth be referred to as a "home engineer" and could earn her something to the tune of 10-20 percent of the husband's check.

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